With cybersecurity a critical and ongoing threat to the health care field, the American Hospital Association (AHA) is committed to helping hospitals and health systems protect and defend themselves against cyber threats and attacks that can compromise enterprise operations and threaten patient care and safety.

The AHA established the AHA Preferred Cybersecurity Provider (APCP) Program as part of its continued commitment to support our members as they develop and implement their cybersecurity strategies and initiatives. Its goal is to identify trusted providers with vetted services to help AHA member hospitals and health systems prepare for and mitigate cyberattacks. The program connects AHA members to trusted, highly accomplished providers that can deliver the right services.

On the new AHA Preferred Cybersecurity Providers Bringing Value Podcast, John Riggi joins the providers to discuss how AHA Member hospitals and health systems can manage cybersecurity risks.

AHA Preferred Cybersecurity Providers



  • Cyber Insurance Brokerage
  • Cyber Incident Response


  • Cyber Risk Management Services and Managed Detection and Response Services


  • Cyber Firm Risk Management and Information Governance
  • Cyber Risk Assessment, Privacy and HIPAA Compliance
Critical Insight


  • Managed Detection and Response (MDR)
  • Healthcare Security Program, which includes MDR, Incident Response Planning, HIPAA Security Risk Assessment and Continuous Vulnerability Identification (CVI) services


  • Medical Device and Health IoT Cybersecurity


  • Network Security & Security Operations


  • Complex Investigations including cyber, fraud and compliance investigation
  • Vulnerability scanning + penetration testing + gap assessment
GM Sectec


  • Cyber Defense Payment System Risk Services
  • Data Protection as a Service


  • Medical Device Visibility, Security, and Management


  • Secure Payroll and HCM Services

AHA Rigorous Due Diligence and Selection Process

When a hospital or health system selects a service from a company that has achieved APCP status, it can be confident that the organization has met the AHA’s highest standards.

AHA rigorous due diligence and selection process

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