New for 2023

Look Book 3: Rebuilding Health

Celebrates the remarkable achievements of our nation’s hospitals and health systems. These organizations have led the charge in building healthier communities and embraced the opportunity to reimagine health care delivery. View the work and dedication of these organizations to improving the quality of health care, continuing to make it more seamless, equitable, patient centered and empowering.


LLN Look Book 2 - 2022

The Pandemic: Responding with Resilience and Service to Community

Highlights images of and commentary from health care professionals on their experiences during the past two-plus years, with a focus on health equity and the field’s service to communities. This e-book brings to life the early days of COVID-19 testing and treatment, the struggles and perseverance of front-line workers taking care of patients and themselves during surges, and the more recent months when care teams collaborated with community partners on efforts to vaccinate Americans.

LLN Look Book 1 - 2021

The Pandemic: A Time of Challenges and Champions

Reveals and honors the extreme conditions hospitals and health systems have faced during COVID-19 and the heroic efforts made by health care workers across the country. It offers an intimate behind-the-scenes look at this remarkable time in history as told by hospitals and health systems through commentaries, stories and images.

AHA Report on the State of Hospital and Business Solution Provider Relationships


Grady Health System

The LLN team recently traveled to Atlanta for an in-person site visit with Grady Health System to gain a deeper understanding of its stories and lessons learned from the pandemic, including its exceptional quality system, health equity infrastructure, community partnerships and patient safety mechanisms. More than 80 staff members and executive leaders from 15 different services met with the LLN team.

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