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A partnership between the AHA and CDC, the LLN is a virtual community of more than 900 members focused on transforming health care and public health through peer-to-peer sharing of knowledge and concerns on a variety of pressing topics, expanding perspectives and problem-solving together.

Members explore challenges and opportunities in the areas of patient safety, quality improvement, infection prevention and control, health equity, rural health, and more, with a continued focus on COVID-19 response and preparedness for future public health emergencies.

AHA Living Learning Network | Solution Lab

Problem-Solving Approaches: Insights from Solution Lab

The Solution Lab at the AHA 2023 Leadership Summit in Seattle was a high-energy event hosted by the Living Learning Network (LLN). It brought together health care leaders to collaborate on tackling quality and patient safety challenges. Participants discussed current issues, evaluated methodologies and presented real-time solutions.

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Look Book Showcases AHA Members' Stories

Celebrate the remarkable achievements of our nation’s hospitals and health systems. These organizations have led the charge in building healthier communities and embraced the opportunity to reimagine health care delivery. View the work and dedication of these organizations to improving the quality of health care, continuing to make it more seamless, equitable, patient centered and empowering.


Latest Highlights

Pregnant female receiving a bandage on her arm after COVID-19 shot

COVID-19 Vaccination During Pregnancy: Barriers and Best Practices

COVID-19 is known to increase the risk for severe illness, complications, and death during pregnancy. Currently, there are still low vaccination coverage rates among pregnant individuals, and disparities in uptake persist. The AHA Living Learning Network collaborated with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and AHA’s Vaccinate with Confidence to conduct focus groups to gather information and gain a better understanding of the existing barriers, best practices and unique solutions in providing the COVID-19 vaccination to pregnant people.

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Member Spotlight: Grady Health System

Member Spotlight: Grady Health System

A 2022 site visit to Grady by the AHA Living Learning Network team offered a glimpse into the inner workings of a large, public safety-net health system. This e-book provides insightful commentaries, captivating stories and stunning visuals as Grady clinicians and leaders share their experiences and perspectives.

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Explore our collection of thought-provoking blogs, engaging podcasts and other resources authored by leading experts and LLN members.

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The LLN set out to engage health care professionals from across the country to authentically represent health care consumers from all walks of life. The only way to emerge from this pandemic stronger is through a national dialogue with diverse representation, transparency and accountability.

Source: Based on 2024 LLN Community Members.


“In health care today, we need to be more flexible and responsive to sudden change and more open to the support and guidance of others. The AHA Living Learning Network gives me the opportunity to reach out to my colleagues from across the field quickly and easily to better understand and manage a situation by looking at it from different experiences and perspectives. It opens our minds to new possibilities and it helps us build trust.”

Susan Stacey

Susan Stacey

Chief Nursing Officer/Chief Operating Officer, Providence Sacred Heart Medical Center and Children’s Hospital (Spokane, WA)


“The only way we can tackle COVID-19 is if we do it together. Since the onset of the virus, we’ve seen developments in health care that were once hard to imagine such as the rapid adoption of virtual health and its impact on the provider-patient relationship. The AHA Living Learning Network pulls together hospital and health system leaders and experts with unique, cross-functional perspectives to discuss and address rapidly changing, complex problems that have long-term implications. The diversity of experience allows this group to see risks and opportunities from different angles so that it can generate new solutions and adapt dynamically to changing situations.”

Jonathan Bandel

Jonathan Bandel

Vice President, Strategy and Innovation, White Plains Hospital (White Plains, NY)


“COVID-19 continues to demand partnership and innovation in health care. The Living Learning Network is designed to both accelerate and enhance collaboration and knowledge sharing – key factors in establishing widespread adoption of the most effective evidence-based clinical practices.”

Marie Cleary-Fishman

Marie Cleary-Fishman

Vice President, Clinical Quality, American Hospital Association (Chicago, IL)


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