Living Learning Network Presents a Look Back at the COVID-19 Pandemic

Call for submissions.

Join the AHA Living Learning Network on the creation of a digital look book to showcase every aspect of the pandemic – from the fears and frustrations to the hopes and achievements. It will be a collection of commentaries, photographs and short stories submitted by you, our LLN members, to capture the pandemic’s defining moments and how hospitals and health systems across the country responded.

When sharing commentaries or short stories, tell us how the moment or milestone changed health care, your hospital or health system and/or you forever. How did you and/or your organization cope during this unprecedented time? What inspired you to keep going?

When sharing images, please make sure it is a high-resolution picture. And when sharing video, please keep the length to no more than three minutes.

All content will be reviewed for consideration. We will do our best to feature as many submissions as possible. Do not share any protected health information, such as photographic images of patients or other identifiers, without first obtaining a HIPAA Authorization from the patient that specifies the information may be shared with the AHA and publicly.


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Share your photographs, commentaries and short stories that capture these defining moments; Lockdown and isolation; mask mandates; PPE shortages; White House and CDC COVID-19 policies, guidelines and updates; infection control and prevention practices in action; ventilator demand; surge capacity; shut down of elective surgeries; hospital visitor restrictions; use of telehealth and other digital technologies; the CAREs Act; vaccination trials; vaccination rollout; and celebrations as family, friends, neighbors and colleagues reunite after a year of isolation.
One file only.
5 MB limit.
Allowed types: gif, jpg, png, jpeg.
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Allowed types: gif, jpg, png, svg.

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