When we understand what matters most to a patient living with a serious illness early in the course of treatment, the results are remarkable. Patients feel better and live better. Check out these stories of real people living with a serious illness and benefitting from palliative care.

Meet Aly.

A 23-year-old, self-described Type A personality college student and sports enthusiast. A real go-getter.

closeup of aly and her dog

Diagnosis: Juvenile arthritis, mast cell disease, Churg-Strauss Syndrome.


Meet Kelly.

A single mom whose whole world centers on the love, happiness and well-being of her young son.

closeup of kelly with her son

Diagnosis: Chronic pain due to lupus, mitochondrial disease, autonomic neuropathy.


Meet Beth.

A 55-year-old environmental activist and director of the office of sustainability for Baltimore, who works tirelessly to help beautify her city one planted tree at a time.

palliative care patient beth planting a tree

Diagnosis: Stage IV appendix cancer.


Meet Debbie.

Hair dresser, salon owner and unofficial therapist to her clients who turn to her not only for a good cut, but great advice on everything from boyfriends to community issues.

palliative care patient Debbie sitting in chair in her salon

Diagnosis: Multiple myeloma.


Meet David.

A 73-year-old retiree married for more than 51 years and dedicated to taking care of his family.

palliative care patient david

Diagnosis: Colorectal cancer.


Meet Matt.

A 38-year-old artist and snowboarder.

matt in wheelchair painting with brush in his mouth

Diagnosis: Paralysis from upper chest down due to a an accident at age 23. The resulting shortness of breath, severe nerve pain and emotional stress continued for years.


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