Cross-sector partnerships between hospitals, health systems and community partners are essential to improving community health and supporting individuals with complex medical and social needs.

Navigating partnerships between health care organizations and community partners can be challenging as these sectors may have different business and services models, client populations and financial structures.

The AHA publishes and identifies a wide range of resources, practical tools and assessments on building and sustaining these cross-sector collaborations.

Explore how hospitals, health systems and community partners are working together to assess, coordinate and integrate care for individuals with complex needs, driving better outcomes for patients and improving community health.

Bridging the Sectors: Integrating Health and Social Care

Bridging the Sectors: A Compendium of Resources

This is a curated set of action resources from leading organizations to support cross-sector partnerships serving individuals with complex medical and social needs. The compendium is organized in three sections: cross-sector partnering, societal factors and population health.

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Video Webinar Series

  • As health care providers and community-based organizations come together in more integrated models of care, starting this coordinated approach with a shared understanding of individuals’ social needs will help ensure success. This webinar explores how health care providers and community organizations are using both community- and individual-level indicators to gain a fuller understanding of patients with complex care needs — a foundational component to partnership development.

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  • Hospitals and health systems and their community partners are integrating approaches to understanding and meeting the medical and social needs of individuals and families. This webinar explores how hospitals, health systems and community-based organizations are partnering to better support patients with complex care needs, with speakers highlighting examples of successful cross-sector care delivery.

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  • To better care for individuals with complex medical and social needs, hospitals, health systems and community-based organizations services are becoming more integrated and increasing access to additional support services. This webinar provides insights into new models of care delivery and payment, and measures of success. Speakers discuss how hospitals and community-based organizations can work together to ensure better value and health outcomes to individuals seeking care.

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  • Local data can help tell a community’s story and align cross-sector partners, including hospitals and community-based organizations, around the most pressing health and social needs. This webinar explores the City Health Dashboard's data and discusses how local health care delivery systems have used this free online resource to better assess local health needs and pressing challenges, better target resources to areas with the largest health inequities, and accelerate health equity in clinical and community health improvement efforts.

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Partnering with Area Agencies on Aging: Tactics for Success

Connecting Care with Community


The webinar series and compendium were produced by the American Hospital Association in partnership with the National Center for Complex Health and Social Needs, an initiative of the Camden Coalition of Healthcare Providers, and with support from the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation.


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