Governance and Leadership Diversity

Hospitals and health systems across the nation are engaging in diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) efforts. Workforce diversity is a vital component of these efforts.
On today’s episode, I talk with Greg Bentz, board chair of Saint Luke’s Health System, based in Kansas City, Mo., and chair of the AHA Committee on Governance. We discuss the important role and dynamic work of boards of trustees as hospitals and health systems navigate tremendous challenges after…
The many pressures squeezing health care providers have all served to make the role of hospital trustees, or governing board members, more important than ever.
Ruby Kirby is a proud and accomplished member of a small club — African American women who are CEOs of rural hospitals.
In 2022, the AHA launched the Black Women CEO Roundtable to create a support system and facilitate meaningful connections. Roundtable member Asha Rodriguez, vice president, facility executive with Atrium Health Cabarrus, reflects on how the roundtable’s support, encouragement and honest dialogue…
Insights on the national effort to dismantle structural racism and provides resources to advance health equity in hospitals and health systems.
AHA today released its latest triennial report on governance structures and practices at U.S. hospitals and health systems, based on data from 933 hospital and health system CEOs surveyed between November 2021 and March 2022.
Join your colleagues at the 2023 AHA Annual Membership Meeting, April 23-25, to ensure our message is united, powerful and able to break through the noise, making a positive impact for the patients and communities you serve.
The AHA seeks senior executives willing to mentor the next generation of health care leaders.