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Workplace violence is an urgent and pressing concern that significantly impacts the physical and emotional well-being of health care professionals. From verbal aggression to outright physical attacks, the consequences can be profoundly distressing. At Hospitals Against Violence (HAV), we firmly advocate that prevention begins with comprehensive education, heightened awareness, and a steadfast dedication to transformation.

Please visit AHA’s AHA's Workplace Violence Advocacy page to learn more about our advocacy positions and efforts to protect health care workers.

AHA also targets to enhance workforce safety through the work of the Patient Safety Initiative, a broad-based, data-driven collaboration among member hospitals and health systems to drive safety forward. LEARN MORE 


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Creating Safer Workplaces Guide with IAHSS

A collaboration between the American Hospital Association (AHA) and the International Association for Healthcare Security and Safety (IAHSS) to recommend action steps for hospital leaders to build a safer workplace.

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Mitigating Targeted Violence in Health Care Settings

Podcast: Karie Gibson, Psy.D., unit chief of one of the FBI’s five Behavioral Analysis Units, discusses the meaning of behavioral threat assessments and how it applies to the threat of violence against hospitals and health systems

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Active Shooter

HAV has gathered a list of resources and tools that provide guidance on how to prepare and respond to an active shooter incident for health care facilities.



Featured Resources

Building a Safe Workplace
and Community Framework

Building a Safe Workplace and Community Framework

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Mitigating the Risk of Violence

This issue brief presents challenges and strategies to mitigate the risk of violence.

Providing Trauma Support

This issue brief examines trauma support for hospital hospital and health system team members.

Culture of Safety

This issue brief examines how hospitals’ violence mitigation efforts can fit effectively into an organization’s culture of safety strategy.

Virtual Convening

Facility Safety and Security in Health Care

HAV presents a 75-minute virtual convening exploring facility safety and security strategies and the technologies that aim to mitigate workforce and workplace violence. Learn about new and innovative approaches to prevent targeted violence, improve physical and psychological safety and increase collaboration with law enforcement.


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