The health care workforce is our most precious resource. Hospitals and health systems are committed to supporting them today, preparing them for tomorrow and building a pathway for the future. This report, developed under the guidance of the AHA Board of Trustees’ Task Force on Workforce and with input from many members of the AHA, will help hospitals navigate workforce challenges and opportunities, as well as highlight strategies and resources to assist on these pivotal efforts.

Strengthening the Health Care Workforce:

Strategies for Now, Near and Far

Strengthening the Health Care Workforce: Strategies for Now, Near and Far—Section 1: Supporting the Team

Section 1: Supporting the Team

  • Addressing Well-Being
  • Supporting Behavioral Health
  • Workplace Violence Prevention

Strengthening the Health Care Workforce—Section 2: Data and Technology to Support the Workforce page 1.

Section 2: Data and Technology to Support the Workforce

  • Data and Analytics
  • Technological Supports

Strengthening the Health Care Workforce—Section 3: Building the Team page 1.

Section 3: Building the Team

Now Available!

  • Recruitment and Retention Strategies
  • Diversity and Inclusion
  • Creative Staffing Models

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Workforce Competency Development

The core mission of hospitals and health care systems is caring for people. To fulfill that mission, hospitals and health systems need compassionate, skilled, trained, and dedicated professionals.

Health care is a labor-intensive field, requiring 24-hour-per-day/seven-days-per-week staffing to achieve optimal quality outcomes. Investment in a qualified and engaged multi-disciplinary workforce is foundational.

To advance workforce issues, the AHA has developed a Workforce Agenda focused on the following priorities:

  • CAPACITIES: Ensure hospitals have sufficient workforce capacities, through a pipeline of talent that hospitals can hire, retain and grow, to be able to successfully support health in their communities.
  • COMMUNITIES: Support and tap into health professional communities to build resiliency and a healthy, safe, and diverse work environment.
  • COMPETENCIES: Identify, promote and develop required workforce competencies for current and future needs.
  • CATALYSTS: Provide tools, programs and services to be catalysts for member and field action to change and adopt new technologies and models for care delivery.

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