Workplace Violence Prevention

Hospitals and health systems are committed to continually making their communities and workplaces safer. Key to that is preventing violence within hospitals ensuring the safety of staff and patients.

Through the Hospitals Against Violence initiative, AHA is highlighting successful programs and practices including preparedness drills, de-escalation training and a host of other initiatives that vary but meet the needs of their communities and their colleagues.

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Preventing Workplace Violence

Workplace Violence Prevention Resources

AHA Resources AONE’s Guiding Principles for Mitigating Violence in Workplace Toolkit Health Facilities Management – 2018 Hospital Security Survey AHA’s Hospitals Against Violence features the International Association for Healthcare Safety and Security – Active Shooter: Best Practice...

AHA Members in Action

Active Shooter Protocol - King’s Daughters’ Hospital - ED Shooting Reveals Protocol Strengths and Areas for Improvement (September 2018) INTEGRIS Health – Significant Threats: Domestic Violence and Forensic Patients consists of a Threat Assessment Guide, employee training, and procedur...

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