Workforce and Workplace Violence

Hospitals and health systems are committed to continually making their communities and workplaces safer. Key to that is preventing violence within hospitals, ensuring the safety of staff and patients.

Through the Hospitals Against Violence initiative, AHA is highlighting successful programs and practices including preparedness drills, de-escalation training and a host of other initiatives that vary but meet the needs of their communities and their colleagues.


Culture of Safety Resources

FEDERAL: U.S. Government Accountability Office
Workplace Safety and Health Report: Additional Efforts Needed to Help Protect Health Care Workers from Workplace Violence

AHA RESOURCE: Health Facilities Management – 2018 Hospital Security Survey
ASHE conducted a survey in 2018, in collaboration with the International Association for Healthcare Security & Safety (IAHSS). Survey was completed by 315 hospitals across the US.

AHA RESOURCE: HRET’s HIIN Culture of Safety Event – Preventing Workplace Violence (Webinar - August 2018)
Webinar hosted by HRET’s HIIN Culture of Safety and Hospitals Against Violence.  Learn about the impact of workplace violence in hospitals at the national level. Understand the different types of violence and its impact from within or outside the hospital.

STATE/NATIONAL: American College of Emergency Physicians
Case studies, blogs and other resources for emergency medicine professionals

MEMBERS IN ACTION: Grady Health System – Managing Workplace Safety and Reducing Workplace Violence
Case study and webinar on Grady Health System in Atlanta, GA, and their strategies on reducing workplace violence and promoting a culture of safety.

MEMBERS IN ACTION: Medstar Georgetown University Hospital’s Care for the Caregiver Program
Webinar highlights the Care for the Caregiver program created to provide 24-hour care to associates and physicians at the hospital that are experiencing a stressful event or outcome during patient care or due to the work environment.

FEDERAL: Federal Bureau of Investigation
Active Shooter Resources

AHA RESOURCE: Active Shooter: Best Practices for the Worst Case (Webinar - 1/17/2017)
HAV partnered with IAHSS for this webinar on best practices and strategies to prepare for an active shooter situation.

AHA RESOURCE: AONL’s Guiding Principles for Mitigating Violence in Workplace Toolkit
The guiding principles and priorities are steps to systematically reduce lateral, as well as patient and family violence in the work place.

AHA RESOURCE: ASHRM Health Care Facility Workplace Violence Risk Assessment Tool
Violence in the workplace continues to be an area that risk managers need to be proactively preparing their institutions to prevent.

MEMBERS IN ACTION: Florida Hospital CEO Shares Thoughts Following Fort Lauderdale Airport Shooting
H&HN article on Broward Health released January 13, 2017

MEMBERS IN ACTION: INTEGRIS Health – Significant Threats: Domestic Violence and Forensic Patients
Case Study from “Community Connections” series on July 21, 2017

MEMBERS IN ACTION: Schwab Rehab Hospital and HealthSouth Rehab Hospital – Strategies to address violence in post-acute environments
Webinar on how post-acute provers are more active in helping address violence.

MEMBERS IN ACTION: King’s Daughters’ Hospital – ED Shooting Reveals Protocol Strengths and Areas of Improvement
Case Study on lessons learned from an active shooter.

MEMBERS IN ACTION: Midland Health, Boston Medical Center, Baptist Health – Partnering with Law Enforcement
Webinar features Midland Health, Boston Medical Center, Baptist Health to discuss how hospitals can partner with law enforcement.

FEDERAL: US Department of Labor, Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) – Preventing Workplace Violence in Healthcare.
Tools and resources to understand the challenges facing healthcare, a roadmap for healthcare facilities and other strategies and tools

FEDERAL: CDC’s National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health
Occupational Violence topics. Includes a workplace violence prevention course for nurses (Dec. 2016)

FEDERAL: World Health Organization
Case studies by country, research instruments and working papers on workplace violence in health sector

AHA RESOURCE: AONL Workplace Violence Prevention
Links to HAV, HAVhope and toolkit.

STATE/NATIONAL: Oregon Association of Hospitals and Health System – Workplace Violence Prevention Toolkit
This comprehensive toolkit will assist health care leadership and violence prevention committees and other stakeholders to evaluate the workplace violence program and individual violence prevention practices at their facility or within their organization, against current best practices in violence prevention.

STATE/NATIONAL: The Joint Commission – Workplace Violence Prevention Resources for Health Care
On this site, find links to materials developed by The Joint Commission as well as government resources and those from professional associations such as the American Nurses Association and the AHA.

STATE/NATIONAL: Alaska State Hospital and Nursing Home Association & Washington Hospital Association – Preventing Health Care Workplace Violence Toolkit
Toolkit on ensuring a safe environment for patients, families and caregivers.

STATE/NATIONAL: Kansas Hospital Association White Paper – Assessing the Challenges and Creating Safety Focused Solutions
KHA workplace violence focus group assisted with the development of a workplace violence survey, which was sent to all 124 KHA member hospitals in the fall of 2018.

STATE/NATIONAL: Minnesota Hospital Association – Preventing Violence in Healthcare Gap Analysis
A number of health care facilities throughout the state was formed to provide resources to hospitals, long-term care facilities, clinics and other facilities to help identify risks for violence and put effective strategies in place. This stakeholder group published a gap analysis on workplace violence prevention in 2014.

MEMBERS IN ACTION: Grady Health System – Managing Workplace Safety and Reducing Workplace Violence
Case study and webinar on Grady Health System in Atlanta, GA, and their strategies on reducing workplace violence and promoting a culture of safety.

MEMBERS IN ACTION: Violence in the Hospital: Preventing Assaults Using a Clinical Approach
Violence in the Hospital: Preventing Assaults Using a Clinical Approach

MEMBERS IN ACTION: Mission Health’s Journey to Prevent Workplace Violence
Mission Health in Asheville, NC, shares their journey and experience around workplace violence and how to improve team member safety. Webinar - December 15, 2016


Culture of Safety - Case examples that promote a culture of safety by committing to best practices in safety, improving teamwork and encouraging reporting.

Mitigating Risk - Resources that assess hazards and risks by coordinating system efforts that help educate and train staff to mitigate violence.

Violence Prevention - Tools that implement, evaluate and sustain violence prevention programs; promote partnerships and community outreach; and create awareness.

AHA Members in Action

Case studies that showcase what members are doing to prevent violence in the workplace. Active Shooter Protocol - King’s Daughters’ Hospital - ED Shooting Reveals Protocol Strengths and Areas for Improvement (September 2018) INTEGRIS Health – Significant Threats: Domestic Violence and...

Hospitals Against Violence

*/ Join us June 4, 2021, for #HAVhope Friday A national day of awareness to end violence #HAVhope is a national day of awareness to highlight how America’s hospitals and health systems combat violence in their workplaces and communities. On June 4, the fifth annual Hospitals Agai...

Hospitals Against Violence News

The Hospitals Against Violence Initiative (HAV) is sharing examples and best practices with the field, with a particular emphasis on youth violence prevention, workplace violence prevention and combating human trafficking. Explore this page for the latest news and events pertaining ...

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