The core mission of hospitals and health care systems is caring for people. To fulfill that mission, hospitals and health systems need compassionate, skilled, trained, and dedicated professionals. Health care is a labor-intensive field, requiring 24-hour-per-day/seven-days-per-week staffing to achieve optimal quality outcomes. Investment in a qualified and engaged multi-disciplinary workforce is foundational. The health care workforce is our most precious resource. Hospitals and health systems are committed to supporting them today, preparing them for tomorrow and building a pathway for the future.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) launched Project Firstline to address existing gaps in infection prevention and control (IPC) practices and ensure that all health care workers and allied health professionals nationwide have access to relevant IPC education.

Advancing Team-based Health CareSupporting the Health Care Workforce
Advancing Team-based Health CareSupporting the Health Care Workforce

View the Lessons Following the COVID-19 Pandemic white papers and more information about Project Firstline here.

The COVID-19 pandemic forever changed the health care workforce. As part of the AHA’s #WeAreHealthCare campaign, this series of videos highlight the various roles within a hospital or health system as well as the commitment and passion of those health care workers who do them. Explore the Workforce Perspectives videos to hear their inspiring stories.

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This report, developed under the guidance of the AHA Board of Trustees’ Task Force on Workforce and with input from many members of the AHA, will help hospitals navigate workforce challenges and opportunities, as well as highlight strategies and resources to assist on these pivotal efforts.


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