Health care is being completely redefined by innovation — introducing simplicity, convenience, accessibility, and affordability.

The AHA Center for Health Innovation prepares our members for the future by identifying, assessing, and analyzing health care trends that will have the most impact. Data-driven market intelligence allows us to predict where health care is heading, how it will change over time, what will prompt that change, and how to respond at both the system and local levels.

Reports, tools and resources are developed based on information and insights taken from a number of sources, including interviews with hospital and health system leaders and other health care experts, surveys of hospital and health systems, and a number of health care reports and research articles.

Through this work, AHA members will:

  • Gain insight into how disruptions are affecting the field
  • Learn how to tap into emerging research and technologies
  • Explore how to use innovation to address new challenges
  • Leverage successful strategies to improve quality that’s affordable for all

Leveraging Data for Health Care Innovation

Assessment and tools for hospital and health system leaders to build data-driven health care organizations.


Evolving Physician-Practice Ownership Models

Profile of new investors in physician–practices and the implications for hospitals’/health systems’ organizational strategy, physician relationship strategy and patient care.

AI Health

AI’s Impact on Health Care

Frameworks and tools for hospital and health system leaders to integrate AI technologies into their workforce and workflows.


Behavioral Health Integration

Framework for hospitals and health systems to shift focus to overall health and bring together behavioral and physical health services into a fully integrated system of care.


Evolving Care Models

Framework for hospitals and health systems to assess their current capabilities to determine the best type of value-based care for the organization.


Telehealth Strategy

Tools for hospitals and health systems to assess their digital transformation strategy and expand telehealth services into integrated virtual care models.


Disruptive Innovation

Analysis of new health care market entrants and vertical integrators and moves executives can make to innovate and turn challenges into opportunities to serve the health needs of their patients.