Virtual Urgent Care - Bryan Health

Bryan Health | Lincoln, NE

Bryan Health, a Nebraska-governed, nonprofit health system in Lincoln, Neb., launched Bryan Health ezVisit as a strategic effort to expand access to care. Bryan Health ezVisit is a simple-to-use, online diagnosis and treatment option for minor health conditions. Offered at an inexpensive flat-rate fee, Bryan Health ezVisit makes mainstream medicine not only affordable but also easily accessible to anyone with a smartphone, computer, or tablet.

Patients start their virtual visit at and complete an online adaptive questionnaire. The virtual visit is guided by the Zipnosis platform. Most visits take less than five minutes to complete. The results are then sent to a Bryan Telemedicine board-certified physician for review.

Once the physician completes the diagnosis, a text or email is sent to the patient notifying the patient that the diagnosis and treatment plan are ready. If a prescription is appropriate, the patient selects a preferred pharmacy, and a prescription is sent electronically. If the doctor determines that the patient’s symptoms require a face-toface
visit, the patient is provided information on how to schedule an appointment with a local provider.