Fast Facts Infographics

The data in these infographics comes from American Hospital Association Fast Facts on U.S. Hospitals 2020. The data is from FY2018.

Most Hospitals Are Community Hospitals. Community Hospitals 85% (5,198); Non-federal Psychiatric Hospitals 10% (616); Federal Government Hospitals 3% (209); Other Hospitals 2% (123).

Most Community Hospitals Are Not-for-profit. Non-government Not-for-profit Hospitals 56% (2,937); Investor-owned For-Profit Hospitals 25% (1,296); 19% State and Local Government Hospitals (965).

Two-thirds of Community Hospitals are System-affiliated. System-affiliated Hospitals 67% (3,491); Independent Hospitals 33% (1,707).

Two-thirds of Community Hospitals are Urban. Urban Hospitals 65% (3,377); Rural Hospitals 35% (1,821).

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