May 10, 2022
Mayo Clinic researchers have developed an artificial intelligence (AI) algorithm to identify left ventricular dysfunction (i.e., a weak heart pump) in most patients based on Apple Watch electrocardiogram data.
Aug 31, 2021
Who knew it could be so difficult to disrupt health care? For the second time in seven years, Google Health is being dismantled. Nevertheless, the search engine giant will continue to focus on health tech and work to improve health care outcomes globally.
Jul 13, 2021
Remote patient monitoring (RPM) got a huge lift during the pandemic as record numbers of Americans opted for connected care from the safety of their homes, but will this trend continue? Ochsner Health is betting it will.
Jun 29, 2021
Big tech firms Microsoft and Google have been making significant changes to their health care strategies lately with an eye toward easing the burdens of clinicians and supporting their decision-making.
Jan 19, 2021
Sixty percent of health care organizations will invest in virtual care technology in 2021, according to a recent BDO survey of health care chief financial officers. Responding to this growing demand, tech companies large and small have been working feverishly on devices for the home that can help…
Dec 17, 2019
In its first partnership with a Medicaid plan, Fitbit and WellCare of Georgia recently teamed up to provide Medicaid enrollees who have type 2 diabetes with a Fitbit device if they complete an annual diabetic retinal exam.
Nov 12, 2019
About 30,000 JPMorgan Chase workers in Ohio and Arizona can opt into one of two plans in 2020 that will be run by Cigna and Aetna, according to a Bloomberg report. Under the plans, JPMorgan Chase employees’ co-pays will range from $15 to $110 for most services, with more expensive care and…
Sep 9, 2019
In a move long anticipated, wearable device maker Fitbit is expanding its services to include care management and personal coaching for those with chronic conditions like diabetes and heart disease. The Fitbit Premium service, slated to begin in October, will allow users to share data with their…
Jul 26, 2019
Writing recently in the research journal Nature, two experts from Northwestern University’s bio-integrated electronics department and the director of a Chicago based research lab, noted that millions of early versions of sensors, computers and transmitters woven into flexible films, patches,…
Jun 11, 2019
Consumers who use wearable devices to capture their health-related data have a message for health insurers who would love access to that information: Make us an offer. A recent Aite Group survey found that 62% of consumers are interested in sharing their connected-device data with payers if their…