Webinar Recordings

Dec 21, 2022
FCC is awarding $70 million for the Affordable Connectivity Program. This application is due January 9.
Dec 14, 2022
Human-centered design can help us deconstruct internal silos, nurture the well-being of our colleagues, improve quality, and inspire new ways of working. This webinar will provide an introduction to human-centered design tools and methods while providing attendees multiple downloadable design tools…
Nov 23, 2022
Given that, on average, the mind wanders 47% of the time, maintaining attention and awareness can be challenging. This webinar guides learners in using mindful attention to enhance situational awareness, while providing practical tips on integrating mindfulness into practice. Through enhanced…
Nov 21, 2022
Smart hospitals will be an essential part of the health care ecosystem of the future. Tomorrow's hospital will no longer provide all services under a single roof. Instead, it will focus on delivering a narrower set of highly specialized services, including diagnosis and treatment of acute, severe,…
Oct 26, 2022
Kaufman Hall discusses hospital bond covenant requirements, implications of covenant breaches, and steps to take if covenants are violated.
Oct 26, 2022
The Mission and Vision of your organization is not the culture. It is the tagline. View this webinar to learn more about employing the assessment framework in your organization, and taking small sustainable actions towards creating a deep culture that will resonate with your employees. (Webinar…
Oct 13, 2022
On Oct. 12, 2022 AHA hosted a member webinar on the requirements to provide good faith estimates to uninsured patients, with a specific focus on the challenges with operationalizing the convening provider/co-provider requirements. We provided a general overview of the good faith estimate…
Oct 11, 2022
Speakers share updates on AHA efforts to address unfair commercial health insurance practices and orient participants with a new tool to help hospitals identify opportunities to reduce operational challenges — the Insurer Watch dashboard, powered by the AHA Vitality Index™.