Transformation Talks

Hospitals & health systems are reshaping their approaches to identify patients at risk for a heart attack with AI-powered technology.
Effective laboratory stewardship programs can help hospitals and health systems optimize testing, reduce costs and improve care.
How to deliver a more integrated, interoperable digital health ecosystem to ease stress on nurses and provide more time for patient.
Hospitals & health systems have a unique opportunity to integrate data across the care continuum to generate greater value for patients & communities.
Why cybersecurity must be built into each hospital’s enterprise risk-management, governance and business-continuity framework.
Mobile digital health technologies enable consumers to engage more deeply with providers. Learn three keys to meeting patients’ needs in this video.
This video tells the story of hospitals and health systems taking in immense amounts of data. Harnessing the power of data to inform clinical decision-making at the point of care with timely and actionable information to improve quality can be challenging.
The path to effectively leverage health care data to support retrospective, real-time and predictive analytics requires that provider organizations closely examine how they collect, store and protect their data for staff, business partners and patients.
This Transformation Talks video discusses exposure to cyber risks as hospitals and health systems accelerate their digital transformation.