Resilient KC: A Community-based Model to Address the Health Care Challenges of Childhood Trauma

Members-Only Webinar
Held November 15, 2016

Adverse childhood experiences can lead to poor health outcomes in adulthood. Resilient KC is a community-wide effort to develop skills to cope with childhood trauma and develop strategies to prevent the long-term impact that stress and trauma can have on children’s health. This effort is a partnership between the Kansas City Chamber of Commerce’s Healthy KC initiative and Trauma Matters KC, with support from members of the Kansas and Missouri Hospital Associations.

During the webinar, Tom Bell, KHA president and CEO, and Herb Kuhn, MHA president and CEO, will describe the Resilient KC program and share findings and recommendations from a recent report that identifies possible interventions that can be employed with trauma-impacted youth prior to manifestations of long-term health outcomes. There will be opportunities for Q&A with the speakers and to share your involvement with similar projects around the country.

As part of the “Hospitals Against Violence” initiative, AHA is creating a new web-based resource and will be holding monthly webinars for members. Watch for more information in the coming days.



Presentation slides (PDF)

Audio replay information: Dial 1-877-919-4059 or 1-334-323-0140
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