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The Hospitals Against Violence Initiative (HAV) is sharing examples and best practices with the field, with a particular emphasis on youth violence prevention, workplace violence prevention and combating human trafficking. Explore this page for the latest news and events pertaining to effective prevention strategies and program development on national, state and local levels to help end violence in our communities and to help hospital employees cope with the impact of violence, whether at home, on the job or in their neighborhoods.

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9 Steps Hospitals Can Take to Stop the Cycle of Violence November 6, 2017

Hospital Helps Shut Down Toxic Business to Improve Health in Baltimore October 27, 2018

Iowa Program Educates Girls on Building Healthy Relationships to Avoid Future Abuse September 12, 2017

AHA Report: Violence Cost U.S. Hospitals $2.7B Last Year August 2, 2017

Training, Partnerships are Key to Reducing Hospital Violence June 22, 2017

The Impact of Violence on Community Health April 12, 2017

Study Assesses High Cost of Firearm Injuries April 7, 2017

Roundtable on Human Trafficking Spotlights Hospitals’ Response April 4, 2017

Finding a Hospital’s Role in Curbing Chicago’s Violence April 3, 2017

The Hospital's Role in Halting Domestic Violence, Child Abuse March 29, 2017

The Public Health Approach to Addressing Gun ViolenceMarch 28, 2017

Chicago Trauma Surgeon on City's Violence and the Burnout It Spells for Docs and Nurses, March 22, 2017

The Emotional Toll of Treating Victims of Violence, March 17, 2017

5 Violent Mass Casualty Incident Myths, March 14, 2017

When Violence Savages Communities: Important Lessons for Hospitals, March 2017

A health-centered approach to preventing gun violence, March 2017

Confronting Nurse Burnout, Workplace Violence and the Nursing Shortage,February 2017

Video Interview: Violence in Healthcare: Promoting and Creating a Culture Shift to Universal Precautions webinar, February 2017

4 Precautionary Steps to Halt Violence in Your Hospital February 2017

How Hospitals Can Help Battle Human Trafficking, February 2017

Florida Hospital CEO Shares Thoughts Following Fort Lauderdale Airport Shooting, January 13, 2017

Preparing for Worst-case Scenarios in Hospitals, January 2017

7 Steps to Prepare Your Hospital for an Active Shooter, January 2017

Meet the AHA’s New Chair: Fluent in Spanish, Skilled Musician and Haunted by Aunt’s Death, December 2016

Lessons One Orlando Hospital Learned From the Deadliest Mass Shooting in U.S. History, December 15, 2016

AHA Releases Online Resources to Help Hospitals Combat Violence, November 2016

Florida Hospital's Active Shooter Plan Saves Lives August 22, 2016