AHA Team Training is driven by the community request to help health care organizations provide better and more efficient team-based care.

We connect with and provide support to health care professionals at all levels in the field to advance our mission of fostering a TeamSTEPPS movement that transforms teams of experts into expert teams. Learn more about the different ways to become part of the TeamSTEPPS movement and how to partner with AHA Team Training.

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Master Trainer


Become part of the community of thousands of TeamSTEPPS Master Trainers. You’ll learn the concepts and tools of TeamSTEPPS in addition to strategies on how to effectively coach and implement. At the end of the course, you will have the ability to train others in your organization.


There are no prerequisites or requirements - everyone is welcome! Whether you are clinical or non-clinical, anyone who works in the health care field and is interested in improving teamwork and communication should attend.

How to Get Involved

Register for a course taught by one of our Regional Training Centers or submit a request for a Faculty Team to come to your organization.




Become a TeamSTEPPS Influencer to refresh TeamSTEPPS tools while using design thinking principles to construct and refine your implementation plan. You’ll have the tools to approach challenges and enhance bright spots in a unique way that will deepen your implementation and help you become more influential at your organization.


Open to teams of two or more who have attended a Master Training Course in the past and/or have been implementing TeamSTEPPS at their organization.

How to Get Involved

We do not currently have any TeamSTEPPS Next Steps sessions scheduled, but you can submit a request for a Faculty Team to come to your organization.


Faculty Team


Faculty Teams will be called upon to fulfill TeamSTEPPS coaching, training and consulting needs when hospitals and organizations request customized presentations or courses through AHA Team Training. Faculty Teams will receive requests based on demand and will be compensated for their time.


Three or more interprofessional team members who are Master Trainers with excellent facilitation skills and experience implementing TeamSTEPPS. At least one member of the team should be a physician. The team should have support from their leadership and the ability to travel.

How to Get Involved

We are not currently accepting applications for new faculty teams at this time.


Regional Training Center


Regional Training Centers are organizations across the country that are staffed by highly dedicated faculty who possess the knowledge, skills and attitudes to facilitate TeamSTEPPS Master Training Courses along with other educational team training offerings.


The teams are comprised of physicians, nurses, other allied health professionals, educators and experts in organizational change management. The clinical and non-clinical team members represent a mix of disciplines and specialties.

How to Get Involved

We are not partnering with new Regional Training Centers at this time. If we do identify future centers, they will be selected from current Faculty Teams and will be based on geographic needs.


Advisory Panel


The Advisory Panel is made up of interprofessional experts in the field of team training and TeamSTEPPS. Their role is to provide strategic direction for AHA Team Training along with expertise on new resources and offerings.


Individuals who show exemplary facilitation strategies, are formal or informal leaders at their organization, and have experience implementing quality improvement initiatives including TeamSTEPPS and other team training programs in various settings.

How to Get Involved

Invitation only.