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Rural health care leaders are actively transforming their organizations through a focus on affordability and value with innovative responses to emerging opportunities. Strategic partnerships that cut across the care continuum, evolving payment models, unique workforce approaches, effective leveraging of digital technologies, attention to the social determinants of health, and new care models are enabling rural providers to improve the health of their communities. Success is being driven by inspired leadership, forward-thinking governance, and resilient clinicians.

The American Hospital Association’s 2020 Rural Health Care Leadership Conference, February 2-5, Phoenix, AZ, b brings together top practitioners and thinkers to share strategies and resources for accelerating the shift to a more integrated and sustainable rural health system. We’ll examine the most significant operational, financial and environmental challenges and present innovative approaches that will enable you to transform your organization’s care delivery model and business practices.


Feb 12, 2020
With 57 million Americans living in rural areas and dependent on the nearest hospital for most of their care needs, it is more important than ever to preserve the viability of access to care in rural America.
Feb 6, 2020
Public and private entities can apply for $1 million grants for a three-year period to enhance or expand opioid and other substance use disorder services in high-risk rural communities, the Health Resources and Services Administration announced.
Feb 4, 2020
Among other highlights, AHA President and CEO Rick Pollack hosted sessions with policy experts on health care implications for the 2020 election, Medicare for All, the future of the Affordable Care Act, and AHA's rural advocacy agenda. 
Feb 3, 2020
AHA Board Chair Melinda L. Estes, M.D., today kicked off the AHA Rural Health Care Leadership Conference by welcoming more than 1,000 rural hospital and health system leaders and trustees — the largest number of attendees in the conference's history.
Feb 3, 2020
The AHA is engaging in early primary states, including Iowa, with ads about rural health care and affordability to ensure issues important to hospitals and health systems stay in front of candidates.
Feb 3, 2020 by Melinda L. Estes, M.D.
Rural hospitals are community strongholds, serving as the key point of care for nearly 20% of Americans.
Jan 28, 2020 by Erika Rogan, by Joy Lewis
Given the trend of rural hospital closures and concerns about access to health care services, most rural health care activity focuses on the here and now. In this blog, AHA’s Erika Rogan and Joy Lewis examine the unique challenges facing rural communities and opportunities for the field to improve by creating both short- and longer-term solutions.
Jan 17, 2020
Rural Health Equity Matters How one Kansas hospital is addressing its sustainability challenges and advancing health equity By Duane Reynolds Earlier this summer, I ha
Jan 14, 2020
Department of Health and Human Services Deputy Secretary Eric Hargan will address the AHA’s Rural Health Care Leadership Conference Feb. 3 in Phoenix, the association announced today.
Jan 8, 2020 by Talia Schmidt
Carrie Saia, CEO of Holton (Kan.) Community Hospital, and Erin Locke, a physician at the hospital, recently participated in AHA’s Physician Leadership Experience and shared their thoughts on why this unique opportunity so profoundly affects providers.