About AHA Team Training

Our Vision

A society of healthy communities who partner together through teamwork and communication to reach their highest potential for health.

Our Mission

To foster a TeamSTEPPS movement that transforms teams of experts into an expert team. AHA Team Training educates, convenes and shapes hospitals, health systems and other related organizations to provide better team-based care.

From 2011-2017, the American Hospital Association (AHA) managed AHRQ’s National Implementation of TeamSTEPPS®. With the federal program having ended in September 2017, the AHA is dedicated to supporting the movement in the form of AHA Team Training.

The AHA Team Training program has five elements to help foster the continued use, spread and transformation of TeamSTEPPS.

If you have any questions about AHA Team Training courses, webinars, or national conference, or if you would like additional information and resources on TeamSTEPPS and how it can optimize patient outcomes by improving communication and teamwork among health care professionals, please contact us by email: TeamTraining@aha.org or by calling: 312-422-2609.